So what’s “Recommend.Me” (立刻买.么 in Chinese)?

Recomment.Me is a super e-commerce platform to sell high cost-performance products, which is built baed on SIlicon Valley group.  Please allow me to ask you two questions: Are you tired of searching for good products with low price in Amazon, Ebay, or Google? Are you tired of reading the reviews just in order to make sure this product is fit for you? If your answers are yes, I believe you will be interested in this platform. For this platform, we are not just crowd-funding money, but more importantly, we are crowd-funding intelligence and experience. We only sells the products with high recommendations from many cofounders. Because we believe, in this complicated and fast developing time, fewer is better.

Now we are looking for cofounders join us. If you are interested in this project, please scan the following QR Code:


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